NEDAERO is distributor of AHG – Ateliers de la Haute-Garonne

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AHG is the leading vertically integrated manufacturer and worldwide recognized supplier of rivets and threaded fasteners for the aerospace industry.

Bolts and screws


NEDAERO offers a broad rang of AHG fasteners:


Solid Rivets

Solid rivets

Dowel pins & slug rivets
Shank head solid rivets
Universal head solid rivets
Tubular rivets
Crown head solid rivet
Cylindrical head solic rivets
Aerolok rivets
Special solid rivets


NEW RIVETS for your Composite Applications: FYBRCOMP™ and FYBRFAST™

FybrFast Solid rivet for composites

Rivets AHG0056
Rivets FybrFast


BOLTS and SCREWS for Small and Medium Size Batches

Aeronautical screws and pins and shoulder bolts

Shank head screws
Pan head screws
Hexagonale head bolts
Cylindrical head pin
12 Points bolts
D or square head bolts
Special pins and bolts
Hex socket head screws


BLIND Fasteners

Swageload protruding blind fastener



Fybrload protruding blind bolt



FybrFlush blind fastener




AHG’s aluminum Lockbolt : TI-LOAD™

Ti-load aluminium lockbolt




Hi-clamp multigrip temporary blind fastener

Hi-Clamp®: Blind assembly


Sertibold lockbolt multiple grip

SertiBolt® : Multigrip Fastener


TOOLING for Fastening  Support

Rivets Squeezer sets
Nose assembly



Battery tool for Ti-Load & Blind Fasteners
Pneumatic tool for Ti-Load & Blind Fasteners
C-Yoke Rivet Squeezer
Alligator Rivet Squeezer


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