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NEDAERO is distributor of aviation head sets of David Clark.
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David Clark Company aviation headsets set the standard in the industry for comfort, performance and quality. David Clark Company offers the broadest line of helicopter headsets for commercial pilots in the industry.

In 1975, David Clark Company introduced the first noise-attenuating headset designed to provide hearing protection for pilots, while also providing clear reception and crisp transmission at normal voice levels in a noisy aircraft. Since then, the ‘green domes’ have consistently set the standards of comfort, quality and performance in aviation headset design and manufacture. Today, this broad line of passive noise attenuating and Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) aviation headsets for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft is the top choice for general aviation and commercial pilots.

David Clark DC PRODavid Clark DC ONE

Besides civil parts, David Clark also makes headsets specially designed for military pilots.




NEDAERO is not only an authorized David Clark Dealer but also the only Authorized Foreign Repair Facility for Aviation and Airline product lines in Europe for DC Pro, DC Pro-A and DC pro-S headsets.

Please contact our customer support department for more information: repair at nedaero dot com.

David Clark repairs



Aviation ANR Headsets

The DC ONE-X headset features the perfect combination of comfort, technology and durability. From the moment you put it on, you’ll notice the difference. The feel of plush, leatherette ear seals that enclose your ears in comfort. The soft, Outlast® fabric, vented head pad that actually absorbs heat buildup to keep you cool during long flights.

The advanced, Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation technology that delivers extraordinary ANR performance. The rugged, yet lightweight alloy suspension system with adjustable headband and swivel hinge stirrups to ensure a personalized fit. And Bluetooth® technology for all your smart devices. It’s the one headset that has it all – the ONE for you.

DC ONE-X Series headsets are designed with advanced comfort and performance features to provide the ultimate flying experience. Featuring Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling technology for excellent ANR performance and Bluetooth wireless audio for pairing with mobile phones, tablets, music players and a host of other smart devices.

DC ONE-X: P/N 43102G-01

DC ONE-XP: P/N 43102G-02

DC ONE-XH: P/N 43102G-06




Leading edge technology and sleek, supra aural design put the new DC PRO Series a generation ahead of any other aviation headsets in its class. The perfect combination of comfort and performance for commercial and general aviation pilots. Featuring feather-light, yet extremely rugged, magnesium alloy headband and suspension system, best-in-class Hybrid noise cancelling technology and Bluetooth compatibility, you simply won’t find a better headset or a better value.

DC PRO Series headsets are built on a ultra-lightweight, yet rugged alloy suspension, ideal for both general aviation and commercial pilots. Featuring a comfortable, rest-on-ear, classic aviator ear seal design, and Outlast technology, heat-absorbing head pad. Complete with Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancelling technology for excellent ANR performance and Bluetooth wireless audio. At just 7.5 ounces they are the lightest, full featured aviation headsets in their class. Both Active Noise Reduction and Passive Noise Attenuating models available.

DC PRO-2: P/N 43106G-01, P/N 43106G-02, P/N 43106G-06

DC PRO-X2: P/N 43105G-01, P/N 43105G-02, P/N 43105G-04, P/N 43105G-07, P/N 43105G-10




Fixed Wing Passive

Passive noise-attenuating fixed wing headsets provide extremely reliable performance and communication clarity.

DC Pro-Sy       H10-13-4          

DC PRO-S                                    H10-13-4



Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) headsets are designed to deliver superior active noise reduction performance. Perfect for pilots that are passionate about sound. New DC ONE-X Series headsets combine advanced comfort and technology features with Bluetooth wireless in a lightweight (just 12.3 ounces), yet rugged alloy suspension system.

Our ENC headsets feature electronically independent, dual earphone drivers with Fail Safe operation for uninterrupted communication – even if the ENC system or its power source fails.

DC-PRO-CA-Plug   H10-13XPWEB

DC-PRO-XA-Plug                              H10-13XPWEB



Both passive noise attenuating and Electronic Noise Cancelling models are available. Our headsets are built to withstand the rigors of the helicopter cockpit, while providing outstanding comfort and communication clarity.

Our helicopter headsets feature all the outstanding comfort and performance features of our fixed wing aviation headsets, but come with a 5-foot extended coil cord with U-174/U single plug.

H10-30 new mic       H10-56

H10-30 new mic                                H10-56




Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) helicopter headsets are designed to provide an additional 17-22 dB noise attenuation, above already excellent passive noise reduction, with ENC activated.


DC-ONE-XH       H10-13HXL

DC-ONE-XH                                                            H10-13HXL


Choose from a selection of models offering modular, battery-powered portability or permanent, panel mount headsets that run off the aircraft power source. All of the ENC helicopter headsets are built to withstand rugged, everyday use, with outstanding comfort features for fatigue-free, longer flights.



NEDAERO offers a variety of headset accessories to enhance comfort, headset functionality and communications. From comfort products such as head pads and ear seals, to cords and adapters for a variety of aircraft configurations, to microphone protectors that improve communication clarity.


Head pads and ear seals

Comfort Gel Ear Seals   Temple Cushion


Cords & adapters

Plug adapters

Adapter 18253G-05   Adapter 18253G-19


Separate modules

C10-15   Dual Plug   ENC Panel Mount



Replacement microphones and covers

M1-DC Cover   M 7A Cover   M 55 Mic



Headset bags and Helmets

Headset New Bag Web   K10-Helmet





Military Air Crew Head Sets ENC

David Clark Company is a trusted manufacturer of passive noise-attenuating and Electronic Noise-Cancelling air crew headsets for the U.S. Armed Forces, NATO and most airborne command centers.

All headsets are designed to provide clear, reliable, mission-critical communications. David Clark air crew headsets are built to withstand the rigors of the military aircraft cockpit, while providing maximum comfort and performance to ensure the safety of military aviators.


Model DC ONE-XM   –   Advanced Comfort and Performance Features for Military Aviation

 DC One XM ANR Headset


H10-76XL   –   Electronic Noise Cancelling, Portable Battery Powered

Available in two different configurations:

H10-76XL (NSN 5965-01-462-8230)   –   Portable Battery Powered – uses a portable battery powered module providing up to 20 hours of use.

H10 76XL


H10-76XP (NSN 5965-01-520-5207)   –   Permanent Panel Mount – comes with a permanent panel mount module for utilizing the aircraft’s power source

Model H10-66XL   –   Electronic Noise Cancelling, Portable Battery Powered



Additional accessories/items for these military headsets:


Model XL-9V-M   –   Battery Pack Module for ENC Headsets

 XL 9V M Module REV


Coil Cord Assembly, Single Plug

Single plug



Air Crew Headsets (Passive)

Model H10-76   –   Passive Noise Attenuating, Low Impedance

 H10 76XL



Model H10-66   –   Passive Noise Attenuating, Dual Impedance

Available in two different configurations:

H10-66 (NSN 5965-01-360-0454)
H10-66N NATO-type plug



Special headsets

David Clark designs and manufactures a variety of special headsets designed for specific aircraft, as well as other military communication applications. From prototype development, to real-world trials, to final production, David Clark is continually breaking new ground with special headsets for military pilots and aircraft.

C-17 Dual Ear Headset   –   Designed for C-17 Aircraft – Rugged Reliability for Transport Operations
KC-10 Single Ear Headset   –   Designed for KC-10 Aircraft – Critical Communications for Air-to-Air Refueling
RC-135 ENC Dichotic Headset   –   Designed for RC-135 Aircraft – Reliable Communications for Reconnaissance Missions
C-130J ENC Headset and Adapter   –   Designed for C-130J Aircraft – Clear Communications for Military Transport
B-52 Headset   –   Designed for B-52 Aircraft – Long range, mission-critical communications.


Ground Support Headsets

David Clark Company offers a variety of headsets and communication systems for military ground support personnel for use in ramp operations, deicing, push-back and maintenance applications – in both wired and wireless system configurations.

Model H7010   –   Shielded Microphone for Extremely Noisy Environments


Vehicle Intercom Systems

Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom Systems provide COTS solution for communicating in high-noise environments, especially those associated with fire/rescue and emergency operations during call response and at the scene. Personnel on the apparatus are able to communicate clearly, without interference from loud vehicle noise, sirens and horns.

This COTS system provides the option of connecting to mobile radios, allowing all personnel to listen to the radio and selected stations to transmit. Representative system components, including noise-attenuating headsetsand headset station modules are listed below.

Headsets for deicing operations


Model H3442   –   Behind-the-Head, Dual-Ear Style

Model H3441   –   Behind-the-Head, Single-Ear Style

U3800 Master Station   –   The “heart” of the Series 3800 Intercom System

U3801 Remote Headset Station   –   Used to expand the system beyond the Master Station

U3811 Radio Interface Headset Station   –   Provides intercom and radio transmit capability

U3815 Radio Interface Headset Station   –   Provides intercom and radio transmit capability, as well as a path for further system expansion


Head protection

Flight Deck Ground Support Helmet
K10 Helmet


Hearing protection

Model 9AN/2 Hearing Protector   –   Over the Head Style (OTH)
Model ENC Hearing Protector 40752G-01   –   Over the Head Style (OTH)


Please contact us at parts at nedaero dot com for a quotation or get information about the complete product range.