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NEDAERO is distributor of Tech-Tool, manufacturer of helicopter replacement windows.

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Replace crazed, pitted, cracked or broken windows on your helicopter with replacement windows from Tech-Tool Plastics.
We offer a full line of replacement windows for Airbus, Bell, MDH, Robinson and Schweizer.

Tech Tool Plastics

Our supplier Tech-Tool Plastics designs, manufactures, and stocks a complete range of standard and custom windows that are optically true while fitting and working beautifully. In addition to the standard windows, which are available with pop-out air vents, vertical or horizontal slides, and in clear or tinted (in a variety of colors), Tech-Tool Plastics offers an array of specialty windows.The company’s 40 years of experience with helicopter windows results in a full inventory of superior quality products that will fit correctly and install quickly and easily.


Our full line of replacement windows:


Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Alouette II/ Lama
Airbus AS332C, C1, L, L1
Airbus AS350, 355, H125   (1)
Airbus AS365N
Airbus BK117 C-2 (EC145)
Airbus BK117A1, A3, A4, B1, B2, C1
Airbus BO105A, C, LS, A-1, LS, A-3
Airbus EC120B, EC130B4   (2)
Airbus EC130B4
Airbus EC135P1, P2, P2+, T1, T2, T2+

(1) We offer a Two Piece Windshield for your AS350, 355 and/or H125. Our two piece windshield assures a perfect fit and longer windshield life. It is preformed to the cabin contour and comes standard with pre-drilled attach holes. We also offer the cover strip and seal tape as well as installation instructions, washers and shims.
(2) On all windows and windshields for the EC120 and/or EC130 we have an optional Reinforced Edging available, adding life to your windows.
Tech-Tool Plastics designs and manufactures a full line of FAA-certified standard and custom acrylic replacement windows for Airbus EC120/130 helicopters. Available products include windshields, skylights, and forward and aft door windows.
EC120 and EC130 windows are available tinted or clear.


Bell Helicopters

Bell 204, 205, 212, 214, 412, UH1  ( 1)
Bell 206A, B, L, L1, L3, L4   (2)
Bell 407   (3)
Bell OH58A, A+, C   (4)

(1) Windows for these Bell Helicopter models have a translucent fiberglass edging, allowing installation holes to be easily seen. This results in accurate drilling the first time and, thus, a better fit and reduced installation time. Plus, more accurate installation extends the life of the window. Crew Bubbles are available in Inside or Outside Mounts. We offer three cut-out options. Our Replacement Window with Slide replaces the crew bubble window and allows the aircraft to be flown at VNE in the flat door configuration without the use of a second door. It can be easily installed using existing fasteners.

(2) Custom litter wedge windows have the same contour as standard forward and aft wedges. They provide the same comfort, increasing shoulder and elbow room for passengers sitting in the mid-cabin seats. Quick Change Windows save installation time and reduce replacement costs. Available for all door windows and chin bubbles, they fit better, eliminate rivets, install easier and eliminate repainting.

(3) The Skylight is available flat or in Bubble Configuration. The bubble configuration provides expanded head and helmet room. Cabin Comfort Windows provide 3.5″ of extra shoulder/elbow room and are completely “Clear View”. There are no visual obstructions, allowing improved viewing from passenger sitting. High Visibility Windows are designed as a modification to the Aeronautical High Visibility Crew Door Kit and available with air vents or vertical slide. Our superior design enhances maximum viewing capability and adds much desired cabin space. High visibility is an important tool for Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue, as well as Aerial Photography.

(4) Our OH58A, A+ windows are available in blue, clear or gray tint, as well as your choice of White or Black Track/Edging.


MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters 500C, D, E, F, FF, N
MD Helicopters 600N
MD Helicopters OH6


Robinson Helicopters

Robinson R22   (1)
Robinson R44   (2)

(1) The R22 Full View Cabin Comfort Door Assembly provides full view vision through the entire door. Our 4-point lock mechanism seals the door to the cabin frame, insuring a quiet, draft-free flight. This assembly uses existing factory hinges and replaces the standard factory door unit. This door assembly is designed to provide an unobstructed view from top to bottom. The 3.5″ bulge in each window increases shoulder and elbow room not available with standard factory doors.

(2)  R44 Full View Doors and Full View Cabin Comfort Door Assemblies offer outstanding full view vision and benefits to Robinson operators, including extended shoulder and elbow room for increased comfort and productivity and increased cabin air circulation. Ideal for tours, these doors allow excellent access for aerial filming or photography. For added safety, you’ll be glad to be able to see your skid tubes when landing. Our Full View Doors replace the standard factory door unit. They are designed to provide an unobstructed view from top to bottom. The 3.5″ bulge in each window increases shoulder and elbow room not available with standard factory doors.

Schweizer Helicopters

Schweizer 269, 300, TH55A


Just a few examples of window options:


Product line options

(Please contact our Customer Support department to learn about all the specific options for your helicopter type parts at nedaero dot com):

Standard windows
Windows with pop-out air vents
Windows with vertical or horizontal slides (according to TTP no.)
Windows in standard clear or tinted
(Blue-Dark Blue, Dark Green, Smoke-Light-Dark-Gray or Bronze tinted acrylic)
Cabin comfort windows
(eliminates discomfort from cramped and restricted cabin space.
Cabin comfort windows provide extra shoulder/elbow room and are completely Clear View.
There are no visual obstructions, allowing improved viewing from passenger sitting.)
Windows for camera photography
(Reverse Slide Camera Window allows ready access for aft passenger area photography.
Unlike others, this camera window provides a larger opening for easy maneuverability.
The slide mechanism is located on the inside and eliminates air noise and vibration.)
Observation windows
Windows bulged
Windows logging bubbles (blown deeper to allow extra head and helmet room
allowing the pilot greater freedom of movement in daily operations.)
Quick change (rubber mounted).



Cabin Comfort Windows

Wedge style windows for the Bell, Airbus (Eurocopter), MD Helicopters and Robinson. Increased pilot and passenger shoulder and elbow room throughout. Their clear-view design and non-opaque armrests allow for improved visibility and a custom appearance. Flight tests validate that there are no flight speed restrictions associated with Cabin Comfort windows.

cabincomfortThere are no obstructions from an opaque arm rest to impede or obscure vision. Other advantages include:
Full view vision through the entire door
Custom window contour extends shoulder and elbow room
Increase cabin comfort for pilots and passengers
Vertical slide provides camera access for photography
Enhances all helicopter operations.


Special Application Camera Windows

Reverse, horizontal and vertical slide camera windows allow ready access for photography and observation applications. They are ideal for a variety of missions ranging from airborne law enforcement and news gathering to air medical services and feature a large opening for easy maneuverability.


They are made with extra stiffeners to prolong the life of the window and have a unique locking mechanism to secure the slide in place.
Lightweight construction has negligible weight change
Additional stiffeners reinforce window and eliminate vibration
Excellent for law enforcement observation and news gathering
Enhances sight-seeing and photography.


Rubber-mounted Windows

Rubber-mounted windows

These windows mount with a rubber seal and can be used as a replacement for traditional rivet-in installation. These windows save installation time by eliminating rivets and repainting.


Window accessories

There are quite a number of windows accessories available for several helicopter types, please contact our Customer Service department at parts at nedaero dot com for the complete list.

The Sliding Window Latch keeps sliding windows from blowing open during flight and reduces pilferage when the helicopter is unattended.
The Air Vent Assembly provides an efficient, cost-effective method to control outside air flow for cabin ventilation and cooling when the slide is open.



Tech-Tool windows are FAA, EASA, CAA, LBA, and Transport Canada approved.

Please contact our Customer Support department to learn about all the specific options for your helicopter type parts at nedaero dot com.