Switlik Survival Products

    Switlik Gains CAP1034 Approval for
    Life Vest, Dry Suit and CA-EBS Combination

    July 18, 2018

    New CAP1034 approved survival suit, life vest and CA-EBS ensemble for helidecks in hostile sea areas

    CAP1034 approval

    Switlik is proud to announce the availability of the newly British Civil Aviation Authority-approved, CAP1034 compliant life vest, anti-exposure dry suit and compressed air emergency breathing system.

    The new X-Back MOLLE+ life vest complies with ETSO-2C504, and features the same low profile, ergonomic fit of the widely popular X-Back MOLLE, but incorporates specific design features to comply with ETSO 2C504 requirements.
    Floating buddy line
    TSO approved strobe light
    Detachable spray hood
    Permanently attached leg loop.

    The new ETSO Pilot and ETSO Passenger suits comply with ETSO 2C503 requirements, and have an upgraded design based on the same U-Zip-It™ Anti-Exposure Dry Suit worn by US Coast Guard Helicopter Crews.

    Unique U-Zip-It™ low slung entry zipper design provides ease of donning, unassisted zipper closure
    and freedom of movement
    Standard with waterproof, breathable, stretch socks attached to the suit and complete with a neoprene hood and glove kit
    Additional reflective panels for visibility and pockets for storage on the arms and legs.

    Switlik has collaborated with Capewell Aerial Systems and Aqua Lung America to integrate the SEA LV2 CA-EBS manufactured by Aqua Lung into the Switlik survival ensemble.

    Survival Egress Air

    Together, the ensemble is approved under ETSO 2C502 and CAP1034 for use in helicopter operations to and from helidecks located in hostile sea areas.

    Life Vest, Dry Suit and EBS Combination

    Established in 1920, SWITLIK has been owned and operated by the Switlik family for four generations and is known worldwide as a manufacturer of the highest quality sewn and heat-sealed inflatable safety and survival products for the aviation, marine, and military markets.

    Please contact us at parts at nedaero dot com for a quotation or get information about the complete product range.