NEDAERO is well known with Defense governmental procurement.

We have been able to assist multiple military organizations.



We have a good understanding of US/Canadian standards (ITAR, Tax reporting, financial reporting etc.) as well as EU standards.
We have experience in supporting Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter), F-16 and Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules.



NEDAERO manufactures in-house components for the defense industry. We are also your partner for MRO services and parts distribution.

We are familiar with: F-16 – NH90 – EC665 – Tiger – Cougar – Super Puma – C130 Hercules-  Alouette – SA330 – AS532 – AC635 – EC725 Caracal – SA565 Panther – AH-64 Apache – CH47 Chinook – Alpha Jet


Do you want more information? Please contact our dedicated military team: milaviation at nedaero dot com or call us at  ....