NEDAERO has a proven track record regarding Manufacturing and MRO services for military aircraft and helicopters




  • F-16 Component MRO: Exciters, FCU’s, Fuel Imbalance Control valves, Cable assemblies, Fuel Probes, Stator etc.
  • Avionics/component MRO for Bell412
  • Weapon Support Equipment services
  • Several spares and component services
  • Repairs: Helicopter Servo’s (UTAS); Starter generators; Helicopter main and tail rotor blades; Helicopter composites+ NH90 Avionics


Manufacturing services for military aircraft and helicopters

Examples of :

NH90 and Tiger

Design, qualification, testing, series production and support of Remote Frequency Indicators:


Efficient manufacturing of medium complex electronic assemblies


F-16 and NH90


Design, qualification, testing, series production and support of complete Fuel Management Systems:

F-16 components

   Lockheed Martin F-16 Fuel Control Unit (B-to-P Goodrich design) and Grip Stick


NH90 components

   Airbus Helicopters NH90 Cockpit Fuel Panel and External Fuel Panel


Please contact us to get more information about our Military expertise: milaviation at nedaero dot com or call +31 172 796 550.