Parts Distribution

Parts Services

NEDAERO is the link for (spare) parts between manufacturers (suppliers) and customers. We also offer a wide range of services to streamline processes in order to reduce costs.

Decentralized parts availability

We make sure that the parts you need for your maintenance or production will be available and delivered on time anywhere in the world. Our years of experience on forecasting and planning are a key for success.


On-site part availability – Exchange pool

Parts availability is essential in a successful production planning. You don’t have to wait for your component to be repaired, you can get a replacement right away. With our consignment stock possibilities risks can be reduced, parts are directly available at your company site and your stock investment costs will be reduced.
NEDAERO has an exchange pool from which parts immediately can be shipped to you. How it works: we make sure a faulty part will be completely repaired in our own workshop or through one of our approved and certified repair stations after which it will be placed in the exchange inventory pool.



We offer both standard kits and tailor made fully customized kits. When working with kits the mechanic receives one package for a complete “job”. All parts are traceable, certified and in condition as agreed. Turn around time will be decreased with the correct parts at hand and no interruptions for the mechanic due to lack of parts availability. Mistakes for installing wrong material will be reduced to a minimum, as even the kit can be produced in line with the installation sequence of the “job”.


Repair management

Getting parts of your aircraft or helicopter repaired is a complex and time consuming process. At our Zevenaar facility, NEDAERO has fully equipped workshops with high-tech production – and test-equipment ensuring that all components are delivered in accordance with the highest standards and expectations within Aerospace Industry.  Also we have contacts with approved and certified repair stations all over the world with competitive pricing and turn around times. A large exchange pool is available of helicopter and aircraft parts in order to support your fleet and reduce the turn around times to keep your aircraft operational.

Our ISO9001 and AS9120  approved quality system ensures your rotables will be delivered with the applicable certifications such as FAA8130-3, EASA Form One, or Certificate of Conformity. All maintenance will be performed in accordance with the latest standards (CMM’s and TO’s where applicable). In case a GQAR is required we will make sure this action is embedded in the repair process of the applicable items.


Procurement and Sourcing services

Outsourcing of procurement activities creates permanent cost savings. Our decades of knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry guarantee that we have suitable solutions for your part demand. By combining orders, higher volumes can be achieved and better conditions enforced. Service, quality and conditions can be guaranteed for the future.


On demand customized and tailor made solutions

So many companies, so many people, so many wishes. Are you looking for a partner to help you execute and improve your own developed services, let us know. Together with you we can create your tailor made solution for your supply chain management challenge. Engine leasing, rotable and avionic repairs and kitting solutions are possible as well. Our flexible organization is perfectly suited to be merged seamless in the processes of your company.