Improved FOG


NEDAERO is manufacturer of the FOG (Fiber Optic Gyroscope), a palm of the hand-sized angular rate sensor. In 2018 NEDAERO built a Fiber Optic Gyro with a bias stability of 1 ˚ /hr. Since then we continued to test and improve this FOG and now we are proud to announce that we currently have reached a sensitivity/better bias stability of 0.2 ˚/hr.

Anton Griesheimer, FOG program manager at NEDAERO: “This is quite an achievement, especially when you consider NEDAERO as a relative new company in this field of expertise. Fiber gyroscopes are extremely precise measuring instruments, the manufacturing of the FOG requires a high level of accuracy and dedication. Our team works with the highest commitment to continuously improve this state-of-the-art gyro. Certainly with regard to the traditional mechanical gyroscopes this new Fiber Optic Gyroscope has many advantages. This FOG contains no moving parts and therefore shows hardly any signs of wear during its life cycle. NEDAERO’s FOG is highly reliable and has a forceful, robust design. Also the weight of a FOG is far more less as a mechanical gyro and uses far less power as well.
Conventional mechanic gyroscopes will be replaced more and more by this reliable and maintenance-free Fiber Optic version”.

Fiber Optic Gyroscope   FOG

In 2018 the FOG has been successfully certified for a large commercial airline program, and is now in series production. It’s an ITAR free product whereby all materials are purchased from European suppliers. The FOG is a Fiber Optic Block including sensor electronics, it provides the turn rate of one rotational axis. The modular design of the FOG allows for a variety of different customer setups in single or multiple axis configuration. Also dynamic range, bandwidth, bias-stability, noise and physical/environmental specifications can be adjusted to customer requirements.
The sensor is suitable for stabilization and attitude control of aircraft, helicopters, satellites, robotics, drones, missiles and in ships navigation systems. Further application comprises not only Inertial Measurement Units and Navigation Systems but also azimuth measurement of land vehicles, weapon systems, optics or antenna stabilization as well as high dynamical sensor platforms or other industrial purposes. Besides the baseline models, NEDAERO also offers design of customer specific FOGs.

See for more information:  www.nedaero/fog