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NYCO Lubricants

NEDAERO is distributor of High Performance Lubricants of NYCO for the Dutch military market.

NYCO LubricantsPart numbers

NYCO offers a comprehensive range of specialized lubricants and synthetic esters for aeronautics, defense and industrial applications: turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, multi-purpose or special-purpose greases, military lubricants, lubricants for aero-derivative turbines, industrial and automotive lubricants, synthetic esters, environmentally considerate lubricants. NYCO products are certified and approved by aircraft, engine and original equipment manufacturers and the Authorities, and are compliant with international standards and specifications.


Fighter aircraft solutions – high performance lubricants:


Helicopter solutions – lubricants for engines, power transmissions, landing gears, wheels:

NYCO Helicopter solutions


Transport and training aircraft solutions – high performance lubricants:

NYCO Transport and training aircraft solutions


Tanks & armored vehicles solutions – lubricants for ground equipment:

NYCO Tanks & armored vehicles solutions


High performance weapon CLP:

NYCO High performance weapon CLP

Keeping your firearms combat-ready in all conditions

NYCO High performance weapon club

NYCOLUBE ® 127 CLP and NYCLOLUBE® 127 CLP Bio (MIL-PRF-63460)
are readily available in multiple sizes and packaging types.



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