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Collins Aerospace

NEDAERO is distributor of Collins Aerospace avionics equipment.

Also we are Authorized Collins Aerospace dealer regarding repairs.

Collins Aerospace Authorized Dealer


     Goodrich servo


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We offer a number of Collins Aerospace piece-parts – while stock lasts!:


042354-1 Connector, Flex (J6)

042354-4 Connector, Flex (J11)

042354-2 Connector, Flex (J7)0

44937-1 Switch, Rotary, Digital

047009-3 Variable Resistor

048931-1 Vibration Mount

048956-12 Tape, Aluminum Adhesive

054016-1 Transducer Assembly

070001-5 Liquid, Crystal Display

10010-1007-0106 Housing, Assy

10013-1006-02 Coil & Cartridge Assy

10014-1006-01 Pointer Assy

10031-1102-01 Dial, Scale

10037-0403-0157 Circuit Card Assy

10037-0406-01 DRI BD Assy

10037-1002-03 Enclosure Assy

10037-1006-0102 Endbell, AY

10037-1006-0103 Endbell

10037-1106-01 Diffuser, Light

10037-1300-0750 Housing, Assy

10087-1122-01-1 Microcircuit, Digital Program

30005-1122-01 Microcircuit

30048-0406-0001 Connector J

230048-1410-03 Prom. Progr

30144-0401-03-1 Circuit Card Assembly A1



NEDAERO is Authorized Repair Station for Collins Aerospace components.

We have an in-house workshop where our certified staff takes care of your repairs.

Find our complete repair-list in our Capability List. We offer repair capabilities on many Collins Aerospace-components, including – but not limited to:

Collins Aerospace repair items by NEDAERO

Capability Search

Fuel Tank Unit Linear Trim Pitch Actuator  Rotary Actuator  Fuel Quantity Indicator

Control Unit NAV CTL-32  Control Unit COM CTL-22C  Control Unit ADF CTL-62


Please contact us at repair at nedaero dot com for a quotation or get information about our repair capabilities.


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