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NEDAERO is distributor of filtration systems of Donaldson.

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We offer Donaldson filtration systems (air, lube oil, fuel, hydraulics and exhaust) for the aerospace and defense industry. The filtration solutions protect fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, military ground vehicles, electronic equipment, space vehicles, missiles, military shipboard systems and amphibious vehicles. Also Linear Actuators, Pressure Switches, Filter Maintenance Aids and Cockpit Switches are part of the product range.
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Rotary wing:

General aviation:

Fixed wing:

Donaldson filters


Air intake filtration solutions for Helicopters – Inlet Barrier Filter

Donaldson Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) systems keep dirt, dust, salt, snow and foreign objects, from degrading the performance and reliability of helicopter engines, thereby helping operators extend engine life and reduce program operating costs. The EASA-certified filters fit on Airbus, Bell, Leonardo and MD helicopters, Sikorsky, UH-60-APU, AH-64A and Ch-47.

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IBF equipped Engines expected to reach established TBO:
without internal damage to bleed driven components
without compressor or diffuser erosion
without damage to rotating components
without glazing in the engine hot section
with significant reduction in overhaul costs.


Filter Maintenance Aid

Pre and post flight indication of filter contamination level.
Donaldson Filter Maintenance Aid


IBF System Cockpit Switch

IBF System Cockpit Switch

FILTER – indicator (LED) illuminated based on signal from differential pressure sensor, Caution – high pressure drop indication.
BYPASS – (LED) illuminates whenever the bypass door is open based on door position switch, Caution – Bypass is open.
FILTER – (LED) illuminated indicator will also extinguish once door opens and pressure drop has been reduced, redundant indication for pilot.


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