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Heliwagon – Landing Platforms

NEDAERO is distributor of Heliwagon, a wireless remote control landing dolly for your helicopter.



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Move your Heliwagon while in the air to allow you to land with the helicopter into the wind.


The Heliwagon is engineered to provide an extremely stable and safe landing platform for light to mid sized skid helicopters. Industrial grade casters and drive wheels are designed to comfortably traverse minor changes in grade and clear low obstacles. The deck surfaces are coated with thick, tough, durable and nonskid polyurethane liner that is resistance to fuels, hydraulic fluids and other caustic chemicals.


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12' x 14' Heliwagon 14' x 14' Heliwagon 14' x 16' Heliwagon

Enstrom Helicopters Airbus 120 130 Bell 429
Robinson Helicopters AS 350 B Airbus 135 145
MD Helicopters Bell 407 AW119
Bell 47
Bell 206
Airbus 120


14′ x 16′ and 16′ x 16′ for a maximum load of 15.000 lbs.

Heliwagon also offers a larger and heavier platform. The Heliwagon XL is available in 14 x 16 and 16 x 16 configurations and can transport helicopters with a max gross takeoff weight up to 15,000 pounds, a significant increase over the previous capacity of 8,000 pounds. It also offers greater variable speed control for movement in the hangar and on the ramp.


Wireless remote control 8000/15000 lbs weight capacity Easy to monitor and manage
(FHSS) Remote control is FCC approved Onboard charger Lights
Eliminates tugs and tows 17"low profile deck Commercial grade batteries
Eliminates hanger rash 200'per minute forward speed Powder coated frame
Manoeuvers easily in tight areas Over four hours of continuous run Tether controlled capacity
One person operation Tow bar assembly with 2"receiver hitch Plugs into 110v or 220v outlet
360 degree 'walkaround' capacity Self-contained tool box


Heliwagon promoted at the Helitech 2018 RAI Amsterdam:

Helitech 2018 Amsterdam


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