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JPC Aviation – Lighting

NEDAERO is distributor of signaling and lighting products of JPC Aviation.
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We offer light signaling and lighting products: anticollision lights, formation lights, position lights, emergency lights and ambient lights

We support various aviation platforms such as helicopters, jet airplanes, general aviation and defense systems.


Lighting parts for Helicopters and Aircraft



For helicopters there is a specialization in xenon and LED flash systems, JPC Aviation develops landing and taxi lights as well as interior lighting.


Jet airplane

Since 1981, JPC Aviation has developped for the main aircraft manufacturers technical solutions for aircraft and people security. In operation in more than 130 countries, JPC Aviation navigation and anticollision lights give the crew the best visibility whatever the outside conditions for their security.


General Aviation

With its expertise in commercial aviation JPC aviation is expanding its product range to include general aviation. JPC aviation offers European standard products (ETSO) and minor modifications to simply replace your old lights with the latest technology available on the market.


Defense and Security

The flash light technology is also used in other defense systems as in the shooting simulator with the use of JPC AVIATION flash lights bi mode for the confirmation of impact on the target. We also produce infrared lights for discrete markup in hostile terrain.


Please contact us at parts at nedaero dot com for a quotation or get information about the complete product range.