Parts Distribution

OEM Partnerships

NEDAERO is ready to serve you and your clients. Being an experienced manufacturer and an MRO station for almost all of your avionics and electrical systems both in military and commercial aircraft programs. Supporting legacy products and Sun Set Programs.

• Ready to serve you and your clients
• Experienced manufacturer and an MRO station for almost all of your Avionics and several electrical systems.
• Certified for MRO in accordance with FAA an EASA standards, as well as TCCA
• Both Military and Commercial aircraft programs.
• Excellent central location in Europe
• 24/7 AOG support
• Quick Turnaround Time
• Excellent logistical system resulting in quick deliveries
• Fixed Wing and rotary aircraft
• Reliable
• Experienced with equipment from major system OEM-s such as UTC (Goodrich) Honeywell/BendixKing, L3, Telephonics
• Manufacturing and management of Legacy products and Sun Set programs.
• Design capability
• Existing network with global airlines, service centers, Governments and aerospace industry in general.
• Working with partners in Europe, Middle East and US.